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Established in 2005, Nosnhoj Services was formed in an effort to provide quality service and experience from one contractor regarding the different centrifuges and decanters found in many industries. NSI maintains several companies in the fats/oils and dairy industries with the ability and experience to work in other fields.

Our outstanding team has the credentials and experience to help your company.

C. Douglas Johnson
C. Douglas Johnson also known as "Happy" had been in the centrifuge field as a service engineer for over 20 years before forming Nosnhoj Services.
He has over 8 years of military experience in the Air Force as an aircraft maintenance crew chief.
He also has many years working in the auto restoration and build fields specializing in classic and muscle cars.
Doug has been married almost 33 years and has 2 sons and 2 grandchildren.

You can contact Doug directly at



Troy C. Kitchens 
Troy joined the NSI team in 2007 bringing over 18 years experience in centrifuge maintenance with him.
He has over 30 years in the marine industry as an engine technician.
He also has 6 years as a machinist.
Troy is married with 5 children. 

You can contact Troy at

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