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Preventative Maintenance/Standard Field Service

The most important element of any industrial centrifuge is to keep it working properly. The most affordable and efficient ways to keep your centrifuge equipment running at an optimal level is to implement a preventative maintenance program.

Our field service technicians work on-site to handle all of the centrifuge maintenance. This can be as simple as performing a “minor” rebuild, or as complicated as installing a machine and hooking up all of the peripheral. They perform major and minor services. They trouble shoot and work hard to provide each client with the best customer service. NSI travels all over the United States to service our customer’s needs.

Reactive Maintenance/
Emergency Repair

We are only a phone call away. We understand when our client’s centrifuges stop working, it costs them money. Each service technician will work hard to help solve any issues the centrifuge might have. This may be mechanical or process related problems. We are on call 24/7 to assist with your industrial centrifuge issues.

Machine Shop

Created in 2013, the Machine Shop division was created to bring a new level of repair and service to customers It is a 10,000 Sq. Ft. building housing facilities that can cover all of your centrifuge needs. Services include repair and refurbish Centrifuge Equipment. We have the ability to balance high-speed Centrifuge Bowls, MIG-TIG Welding, and full milling and turning capabilities. If the part is unrepairable, we have an inventory of used machines to pull pieces from.

Machine Delivery:

We have in house capability of shipping and/or picking up your machine on your schedule.

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See some of our amazing centrifuge field services and emergency work, as well as some centrifuge we’ve worked on in our machine shop!

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